2 In 1 Grip Flip Tongs
2 In 1 Grip Flip Tongs
2 In 1 Grip Flip Tongs
2 In 1 Grip Flip Tongs

2 In 1 Grip Flip Tongs

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The 2 In 1 Grip Flip Tongs make flipping and gripping foods easy with its tong and spatula construction. Designed with a non-stick coating and resistant to high temperatures and crafted with a long and non-slip gripping handle for ease and quick use.



Made with soft silicone tips that are safe on all cookware surfaces and will never scratch or mark up your pans. A perfect kitchen tool! 




2 IN 1: The two-in-one grip and tongs are more convenient to use and is suitable for frying omelets, pancakes, steaks, fish, eggs, and many more!

NON-STICK AND FLIP: The thin and flexible silicone head with slanted edges can easily slide under the food without damaging fragile food, or scratching the surface of non-stick pans or coated cookware.

STURDY STRUCTURE: Silicone is glued to a flexible stainless steel core, which combines the advantages of silicone with the strength of stainless steel. The comfortable non-slip silicone handle is designed with an ergonomic thumb.

KITCHEN ESSENTIAL: A good kitchen tool for turning, rotating, frying, and trimming eggs, pancakes, meat, and many more!

EASY TO CLEAN: It's dishwasher safe and will never absorb peculiar smells or tastes. No more smelly and sticky kitchen tools!




Material: PPA
Size: 30.5 x 8.5 x 4.5cm
Color: Red | Black


1 x 2 In 1 Grip Flip Tongs